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What is ShadowMe.Fitness?

ShadowMe.Fitness is a revolutionary new tech platform that offers certified virtual shadowing hours for students enrolled in Sport and Fitness courses and Fitness professionals seeking to obtain more experiential hours and build up their workplace portfolio.

Using our proprietary four step authentication process, and our expansive fitness and exercise video library, ShadowMe.Fitness is able to verify that students or fitness professionals completed the shadowing hour, and provide evidence of the completed hour in the form of a certified “Deck”.

The certified ‘’Deck’’ includes, copy of student ID/Passport, certificate of the instructing fitness professional, picture, date, time stamp and signature of the student per hour completed generated from the device used.

How does ShadowMe.Fitness certify the hours of the Fitness Professional?

We are able to do this using or proprietary fours step authentication process, in order to verify that the student or fitness professional actually watched the shadow hour.

Our Authentication steps include:

  • Register and upload a picture of your ID or passport.
  • The video you watched cannot be scrubbed or fast forwarded.
  • A short quiz follows to ensure you absorbed the content of the video.
  • Take a selfie to prove its you.
  • Finger sign on your device to prove its you.
  • Receive your verified “Deck’’ from ShadowMe.Fitness.
  • Submit your ‘’Deck’’ to your training provider or employer.

How many times can the videos be watched?

As many times as you would like – you will learn more and more every time you watch the exercise video.

Why should I use ShadowMe.Fitness?

ShadowMe.Fitness offer a virtual solution to shadowing hour and experiential hours, needed by Fitness students and Fitness professional.

The benefits are:

  • Do your hours on any device and in your own time.
  • Save money on travel costs, gym memberships and fees paid to fitness professionals in order to obtain your shadowing hours.
  • Choose from our wide selection of fitness categories and begin with a click of the finger.

Is the cost of Shadowing a once off payment?

Yes you only pay a once off fee, this includes all the videos, obtaining your certified ‘’Deck’’ and life time access to your shadowing hours.

How long are my videos that I purchased valid for?

You will have lifetime access to the videos on the platform that you purchased.

Will My Fitness School except these hours?

Yes, all fitness schools are obliged to accept verified experiential hours as it forms part of the requirements to complete your course or gain experiential hours.

Will ShadowMe.Fitness help me gain more experience with my fitness work portfolio?

Absolutely! The more access and experience you have by shadowing trained fitness professionals, the better it is for your work portfolio.

What ShadowMe.Fitness is not.

ShadowMe.Fitness does not replace any type of accredited certification. The videos are instructional videos that are used to be able to mimic a real life setting and instruction.