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Yoga Instructor


I am a forever student, first and foremost, always searching for a deeper understanding of how to be a better human being, mother, partner and yoga teacher. 

I love teaching yoga, as it requires that I constantly observe, continuously assess and learn how to communicate and share with my students the most effective way for them to build and grow a personal yoga practice. Yoga has been a guiding force in my life for many years and I am always inspired to share what I have learned with others.


Bikram Yoga, Yoga Collage of India 500 Hour Certification 

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hour Certification 

Meditation Teacher Training 50 Hour Certification 

Sacred Geometry Vinyasa Training 200 Hour Certification 

Advanced Sequencing, Vinyasa Yoga 50 Hour Certification

Work Experience

Den Haag and Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2010 - 2015 
The Bikram Yoga Studio, Den Haag The Bikram Yoga Studio, Rotterdam

Dubai 2015 - Present The Platform Studios
Dubai Dryp, Dubai Club Stretch, Dubai Voyoga, Dubai Rawr Yoga, Dubai.